“Parma, the heart of flavor” protects the quality of our products and guarantees authenticity and a unique experience in our city.
Quality, authenticity, professionalism, cordiality, and naturally, the exclusivity of the products are the values we protect.
All operators participating in the Product Club share these values and further enrich them with individual personality to ensure a deep and immersive Parma experience, an extract of the best Made in Italy.
Only the operators that possess the requirements of quality may be a part of our club, because of this we are confident in offering you a vacation that you will remember for time to come: you’ll be welcomed to hotel with a glass of wine and a taste of out famous prosciutto and a breakfast consisting of exclusively local products. Then have lunch and dinner in restaurants ready to offer our best cuisine and wines, you can take advantage of special offers, visit the local areas of production and taste and directly purchase all of our specialties.
Parma, the heart of flavor, guarantees all the comfort and professionalism necessary to transform your vacation into an exciting and rich experience.